Amped 3 is here, I'm done searching for a rig.


Amped 3 arrived mid-yesterday afternoon and I tore into it like a kid on Christmas opening presents. Let me tell you, this is a beautiful piece of hardware.

It was incredibly fast to set up and I wanted to run it through my headrush frfr112 first to see what it could do on its own. I gotta say, I was not disappointed. I immediately started dialing in each channel and had something pretty close to gig-ready in under 5 minutes.

The preset-mode made it super easy to recall each channel when setting volumes up. Since all channels have shared eq knobs, you have an indicator light at the gain knob to let you know when you have turned each specific knob to your previous level for that channel.

Once I was happy with what it could do on its own, I threw it on my board and ran my midi controller to it. The midi-table was easy to navigate and I set up the 2nd settings respectively for each channel to the controller so I had access to the entire amp at my feet.

Going forward, I personally would add your own wet pedals, or a mod multi-effects pedal, a tuner and a multi-band eq on top to make it plug and play anywhere. That's just my preference for gigging though.

I have not plugged it in to mess with the new Architect software yet to mess with cabs and mics, but if it's anything like the amped 1 and 2, I'm sure it's gonna be just as easy.

Overall, this thing is the bees-knees and I HIGHLY recommend you try it out!


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Not on my radar but maybe it should be, will have to check out some clips.

Interesting, so it can power pedals too?
Thanks for the review @Jordon18 !
I'm starting to lean for this one over the 2. Either way, I'm pulling the trigger for one of these units.
Lots of possibilities.