The FM3 is too big


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A side-note to my board thread... but I got to thinking... Fractal FM3.... that's a sexy bit of kit....


But it's just too big.

@FractalAudio - add me to the list of people interested in smaller pedal offerings from Fractal!

For the player who doesn't want to be locked in a single eco-system, who values modularity over features, who has a bunch of other pedals they love to use and don't want to replace.
Seriously though.... if Cliff wanted to go critical mass.... stick 3 of the best delay and reverb algorithms in a small two-boss-pedal-enclosure, with midi, and a small screen... and flog that shit to guitar center.

Of course the Fractal support forums would then be full of morons... so there are upsides and downsides....
I wonder how difficult it is for a small company like Fractal to tool up for very different products compared to Line6 or Boss. I'd bet that there are things Cliff "wants" to do that aren't financially feasible.

They aren’t diecast so expenses aren’t horrible to start up

Stamped and bend steel enclosures are well known in the computer business… It’s a service you can buy off the shelf… or used to be able to…

Volume discounts matter, but you can get the services done reasonably and make a profit
Apart from the limited footswitching, FM3 is a great "whole rig in a box" device. But unlike the HX Stomp, it's not a great "put it together with your favorite pedals" rig because of its size. There's just no good way to put it where you could comfortably use the footswitches and surround it with your pedals without having a pretty wide board.

It would need a redesigned PCB (current FM3 board extends a good bit to where the footswitches are), but a FM0 that is basically the FM3 chassis cut in half would make it a good size to put as the centerpiece of a pedalboard. Maybe make the chassis out of something less durable and heavy than cast iron pans. ;)