Some excellent Fractal/effects usage


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This is a spin-off thread from the amps/albums thread and my love of A Perfect Circle. Billy went over some of the tones on this song in his rig rundown and when you hear them in context, man, I can get lost in those delays. It's like The Edge playing in Black Sabbath. (My initial post only had a sh*tty version from this same show, this is the whole show but starts on the song. Plenty of killer tones the whole show!)

This starts where he's going over this song-

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Cool. Love the band, love digital, but rig rundowns centered around modelers are pretty boring. "and heres this sound.. It... It... Does that"

Months to program the trails? Eeesh!
They are still running a Digitech 2101 with a fractal.

He was for a long time and I seem to recall him saying at one point he was just trying to recreate the patches in the AxeFX, which looks like he may have done by the time this vid was done, there’s a III and a II in the rack and if the 2101 is there I can’t see it. I’d love to know exactly what he was doing with the 2101. I’m assuming since he used them longer than he did the G-Force, he was using some of the pre-amp/distortions in the 2101 since the G-Force doesn’t really do that. He sold his G-Force a few years back, I would have slapped a small child for those presets!