Nut repair?


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I have a PRSP 24 and the nut on the D string slot is wallowed out.

I recently adjusted the truss rods to take some of the winter bend out of the neck and the D string now frets out in the open position.

I believe I had a too large a string stuck in their accidentally for a while.

I was thinking of just filling that slot and filing it down… Any suggestions for filler?

Cyanoacrylate mixed w/ something?

@Eagle ?
Find the one on the Graphtech website meant for the guitar and it will have detailed information.
Anyone find the actual nut measurements?

Looks like they have two versions, pattern thin/wide-fat and pattern regular. I believe the difference is going to be the width, 42mm for the pattern regular and 43mm for the pattern thin or wide-fat.

I measured my CE-24 (pattern thin) at 43mm and my S2 Standard (pattern regular) at 42mm. Both are 7mm tall and 5mm thick. The S2 Standard has E to E of about 35.5mm and the CE-24 has E to E of about 36mm.

* note those are measurements I just took with a ruler, not official
Stoopid Q: Are these things held with just friction, or is there a “process”?

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Stoopid Q: Are these things held with just friction, or is there a “process”?

stan marsh hat GIF by South Park

I think the majority drop a little glue in there but not everyone. I’ve done it both ways; glued the nuts on my MIM Strats but my Gilmour Strat’s was so snug when I test fit it, I just made sure it was the right length then tapped it in with a dead blow hammer, that thing isn’t going anywhere.
If glue … wood glue, or the cyanoacrylate?
I would go with wood glue but it doesn’t always hold synthetic materials well. You may need a tiny amount of super glue. Cleaning up wood glue is far easier for future replacements.
Highly recommend watching a lot of videos on nut installation, and having proper tools like feeler gauges.

For glue you only want a couple drops if you use something like super glue, you don't want a nightmare to remove them.
I watched a few videos… Looks very straightforward. I might go buy that nut set file from Stew Mac, but I own a lot of expensive files already.

I’ll probably get some feeler gauges 👍
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