No Amps Were Harmed in the Making of this Video

Well Zealot Thompson could not resist at the other place

Tim Henson new home studio(NDSP and QC content)​

his parents are rich got him the best teachers never had to work just study music
but he has made a lot of coin with youtube
Not necessarily pointed at you but it seems this notion has popped up in the discussion by others as well so I’ll throw in my worthless .02…. Yeah he may not have had to “work” a non related to music job but man he’s young. How much non music work experience would even have if he didn’t? Anyway I don’t think rich parents have much to do with it. He’s obviously worked hard to get where he is at and has talent for playing. There’s plenty of very well off talented musicians through recent history who came from practically nothing and made more than he has as if the amount of money in a person’s parent’s bank account buys talent or makes things any easier.
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If money bought talent I’d own a lot less guitars and a lot more talent. :rofl

I have no problem admitting that watching some of that vid I felt jealous; it’s an outstanding home studio, super clean and tidy and while I’d go for darker colors, it’s most certainly the exact place Tim wants to be to write. That’s badass, despite my opinion of Polyphia.

That dude has my dream job.
makes things any easier.
I agree with most of what you say here except this last bit. Having the talent he has (whether you like what he does with it or not is purely subjective...but he's objectively skilled), and having put it to work as young as he did to make the videos they were making in their late teens takes a ton of work, and putting in a ton of work is obviously easier if you don't have to also fit in the morning shift slinging coffee or whatever to pay the bills. That is not in any way meant to diminish the hard work he has obviously put in, nor does it mean anybody with access to a lot of cash could necessarily pull off what he's pulled off - indeed, it'd be the rare bird. But not having to worry about money through early 20s certainly makes what is a really hard thing a little bit less hard compared to somebody trying to do the same thing while also worrying about money.
Pretty cool studio.

I dunno, I really like the dude, his songwriting, and his playing. I wouldn't call him to join me if we were jamming classic rock or the blues, but I really like what he does, and how he's pushing the envelope of what guitar playing means.
yeah, I don't know that'd I'd wanna hang out with him, and I don't necessarily wanna put on a polyphia album to get pumped to. But I also don't really put on early Van Halen to get pumped to anymore, either...cough, cough. But I do like hearing a new sound from instrumental guitar music.