Rock Star
So it’s not the PRS I’ve been babbling on about. That’s been moved to a further back burner

Gibson SG Special in Pelham Blue :love:



First of all, I don’t think I’ve ever plaid a guitar this light lol. Second of all, what’s this nonsense I always here about it being hard to find a “good Gibson”? (Rhetorical question I know it’s BS). Saw this on craigs list posted by a used shop yesterday and grabbed it up today. Fit and finish is flawless, setup is damn near perfect. Sounds absolutely beautiful through my deluxe reverb. Have practice tomorrow so I’ll be able to let the P90s roar through the JVM. Really looking forward to that
Oh my god. I LOVE Pelham Blue! SGs are killer in the right finish and this is the right finish \m/ Does it hang correctly on you or does it neck dive? P90s are also :chef Congrats!
Love it. Better than the PRS you were going on and on about! :love

My '61 Reissue SG is one of the best guitars I have owned.
Everyone should have an SG in the arsenal. :beer

This is my first!! Many moons ago I had an ltd il nino guy sig (lol) viper that I put p94s in but this is a whole other level