NGD: GOC Material 7


I started playing headless guitars with the affordable 6-string EART, just to try them out. I liked it's convenience in my tight space, so I moved on to a multi-scaled 6-string Agile Geodesic. I liked the feel of its fanned frets, so I upgraded to the better built GOC. They are a less popular American guitar brand with their designs built in China. However, I got a used and older model and with it came flaws and neglect. So, I returned it.

I have been in an FB GOC owners group and got finally hooked up with a -7-string carved top Materia model!

North American ash body, I think
Atlas neck, engineered wood fiber resistant to warp, rot and humidity changes, giving it consistent density and hardness
Zero fret with a string spacer
Dual locking headpiece
ZSR01 bridge
25.5-27" scale
Illuminated side dots

Upgraded with the following:
Guitarmory Orion humbuckers, custom glow in the dark set
Tesi latching and momentary kill switch
3-way mini toggle for inner-full bucker-outer switching
Ernie Ball strap locks
Magnetic rear cover

Here is the brand logo:

Glow in the dark fun! I removed the fretboard dots though...

Signed by the previous owner, the talented GOC artist, Cody Betz of Zephyria.

His band, Zephyria:
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Dig it! I had the Agile Geo 6 string. It was OK but could certainly have used someone with some setup skills. This looks much nicer.
Yeah, I was having a hard time looking for someone in my area who can work on it!
Awesome looking guitar man!

The more I look, the more I see a headless in my future :love
I just find it convenient in my tight studio space. The multi-scale is also comfortable. Go for it!

Thanks everyone!
Guitar looks dope but that video was fuckin epic

I always wanted a Steinberger GM/GU but the prices on them are fucking stupid these days so I took the plunge on a custom Dark Matter (Balaguer) and it turned out amazing; now one of my favorite guitars ever

Even if it does look like "the bludgeoned head of Mussolini" :rofl
That guitar is so sick!
I want to move to headless guitars as well with all the international and domestic travel hassles.
I just wish I could try one in person for 5 mins.
Maybe if I’m in Toronto long enough.
Happy NGD!