new incoming mic day (fredman mic clip too)


TGF Recording Artist
ordered another sm57 today!! also got a fredman mic clip too.

self admitted recording noob here. anyone got some good tips and tricks for micing up my cab with 2 sm57s to get good heavy tones? our plan is to just get the best stems we can and then send them to someone to mix and master.

i was going to send a DI from my helix. i was also thinking of recording additional tracks going into the front of my 5153 with no helix in addition to the ones that are helix into the power section. it will be fun to compare all 3 now that the helix cab sims allow for that same dual mic technique.

do you think recording more tracks into a different cab with different speakers is worth it or is that just not going to make much of difference? my main is an orange with T75s but i also could use my peavey with K85s. not sure if there would be enough tonal differences that it would matter or if whoever mixes and masters would even use them or just use their own plug ins and eq and all that other stuff.