Laney loud pedal



Sounds pretty good to me. Crazy how cheap you can get some guitar sounds with these days.
I think Killswitch was using those Ironhearts for a while, too. Never played one myself….I’m not even sure if I’ve ever played a Laney period?
The IRT Studio I had was great. El84s be damned. The 120 I had weighed 1000 pounds and was noisy and boring sounding for whatever reason.
Nuff said

Nuff said


I had the Ti Boost for a spell. it was ok. Definitely better than the Sabbra Cadabra pedal from Catalinbread. Honestly for a treble boost I thought the Naga Viper got me closer to classic Tony than the Ti Boost did. I chased his classic tomes for a few years and finally gave up when I found that I could get his more modern tones easily and just went with that for everything in the Sabbath Tribute I am in.

Honestly this sounds awesome for how small it is and how little it costs. Laney Ironhearts kick butt too, this is a nice little amp!

This video sounds great. Goldilocks moment but a 100 watter ala Blackstar Amped 1 only Laney IRT would be killer.
Right when I'm thinking of getting rid of my 40kg tube amp nightmare to transport and lug around.
Maybe I should get this pedal. And a 4×12. That sounds smart.