HAHA this just came up as a 5 year memory on my FB page. WTF was I thinking?

Bob Zaod

Rock Star

I guess I must have liked it cos I know I gigged that set up a few times at least.
Those Zoom units are kinda okay for effects usage, tbh.

Actually much more than that, IMO at least. I only replaced the G3 (used strictly as an effect unit) on my board with an HX Stomp because a) I could, b) patch management and switching options are better on the Stomp and c) it's good to have the Stomp as a backup as well (in case the board fails - and in case the Stomp itself fails, I have an MS-50G in my utility case).
In case they would've updated it with the same algorithms as those you can get for the MS-50G, I'd possibly still use it for a second electric setup.

Still using the G3 for acoustics (along with an AMT Pangaea for acoustic IR and compression duties), can't see me switching any day soon.
Oh, and it's got a really nice looper on board, offering an instant "cancel" function, which I really like.

Amps and drives of those units (applies to the MS-50, too) just suck, though.