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Screenshot 2023-05-21 180222.png
easy money for them…. Their plugins sell and social media loves it. Its a love circle between them, social media, kids that want to be hip, and YouTube “studios” that want the ready to record thing (ready to make content… thing)

Definitely looks like a JCM 800 to me. Guess licensing became a whole lot easier now that Marshall sold to Zound...

Not the plugin the world needs right now, guys.
Part of me is holding out hope it starts to show old amps from previous plugins and then they announce that the QC port is out.
Or a Jubilee.
Henson and Nolly plugins already have good JCM800 2203/4 models, so that would be triple if not quadruple dipping of the JCM800 if it's included in this one.
Agree there.

Whatever they end up doing, at least it saves someone a load of effort training a NAM model for it. €50 or so on sale and you get a UI, IR’s, FX, support across all platforms, etc.

Hope it’s something that hasn’t been modelled a bazillion tines already though, if it is, at least a full suite of amps and cabs.
Hey, it could be the well-known Devin Townsend archetype they've been working on for a while now. Can't recall Heavy Devy using a lot of Marshall amps though...
But Devin has been using Fractal for years.

I mean maybe if they offered him a paid endorsement, but I doubt it.