Dear BLACKSTAR, Make AMPED3 Great Already


First, let me preface this thread with saying, I own the AMPED1 and AMPED2. I love both products for what they are worth and their capabilities. Additionally, I understand the marketing strategy with the spread out release dates. Got it.

That being said. The 3rd iteration I think will be the ultimate culimation of the previously released models.

If the AMPED3 offers the stomp features it is supposedly going to offer AND you can save the presets to you designate in what I'm sure they will include in the updated Architect software for all four channels, it will truly be the an all-encompassing pedalboard.

I'd suggest making the wet-effects from the AMPED2 available, at the very least, with a mod button in addition to the included reverb button the previous models have had.

I do enjoy the AMPED products, and will continue trying them out, but I think rather than releasing a "better" version every couple months, it'd be more in the consumers interest to release a product that captures most the needs of whoever is looking to purchase.
Much in the same way a timeless tube-screamer or OD can be referenced and everyone already knows exactly what product you are talking about.

So, dear Blackstar, make Amped3 great already.


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