Bone Nuts

James Freeman

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... are best nuts.



Also, .010's are superior than 0.09's.
Bone nuts are the best as long as you don't get one with a soft or weird bit . Natural material so some are great and some are not.
Smells terrible while you'r cutting it.
Some of the worlds best players use 9's. 10's certainly don't sound better ,it about playing within the dynamic of whatever string you use .
TBH the plastic nut that Fender uses sounds fine. It is very brittle though.
It is indeed brittle and also sounds denser (higher pitch) when doing a on table drop test.
When I pulled it it chipped a little near the D string but not enough to make the string pop out while playing, so I decided to replace it if only for esthetics, it also has a bluish tint compared to the whiter bone nut.
The guitar sounds the same after replacing with bone.

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I prefer the tone and tuning too but they wear out quite quickly and I don’t like how they look when they fade.
haven't really had an issue with them wearing out but i also have 60 instruments, so use gets spread out, and i ain't a pro. :)

Lol, nuts are actually one thing on a guitar where I don't have a preference at all. I just haven't gotten there, yet :LOL: