6 of One (QC vs. Kemper)


This is a great comparison, very well done and presented, nothing against either device. As everyone knows by now each of these have their own quirks and shortcomings. I’ve got many, many spot on Kemper Profiles (no cocked wah), some Profiles that sound different and some I actually prefer to what I was getting out of the amp. Still love my Kemper! I keep looking at the QC but still just can’t get onboard with the workflow. Maybe eventually.

For me the clean sound comparison in this vid there wasn't much difference in sound. aka: splitting hairs.

For the gain sound the Kemper was far better in every way and this type of sound is what easily shows the difference between all devices.

Not a comprehensive vid for me but good none the less to get a flavor of the Quad. (I know the KPA like the back of my hand)

Of course, YMMV and if it suits your purpose, it's all good.

Thanks for the vid share.