Who's using Windows 11 for their DAW?

Rocco Crocco

Got a new PC recently. I keep getting alerts to download/install Windows 11. My gut tells me to keep W10. Opinions?
I just recently switch from Mac to Windows 11 PC.

Had some issues with hardware scheduling causing performance issues and possibly the 22H2 update. I am back on 21H2 and haven't had any problems. I do have to keep hardware scheduling off.

The Android subsystem is a nice feature if you use it.

Personally I'd stay on Windows 10 if I had the option.
I use Cakewalk by Bandlab and so far I've held off. Still hearing of a few little issues here and there with it a Windows 11. Plus I've got a zillion plugins and have no idea if they potentially have issues.

And I haven't been paying attention to how Windows 11 users have been faring with Helix, which I use as audio interface when DAW-ing.