When did Positive Grid stop making hardware?


No, Spark doesn't count.

I went to see if there was some sort of Bias Pedal I could run in my Helix's FX loop so I could have my favorite Bias amps and not only did that not exist, they didnt have heads on there anymore either!

Did I rip van winkle?
I’ve never seen any Positive Grid hardware in the wild, except for the Spark, which I think sounds like shit. And after spending a ton of money for some reason on their shit plug-ins, I’ll never give them another dime.
I think they stopped making the Bias Head a while ago. From the little I'd read about it there were some problems
In case they treat their hardware QA the same way as their software, I wouldn't even take one of their offerings for free.
Right now a local shop is selling the Bias Head for €449, list price is around €1250 or so - should tell you something.
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