What do you don't care about at all, that others care about a lot?


For me it's rolled fretboard and "sharp frets". I hold the guitar / play in such position that my hand or fingers simply never touch that part of the neck (yes, nerd classical like position).
So I couldn't care less if the fretboard is rolled, or sharp as if just out of the carpenter shop.
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"Authenticity" . I just want a guitar that I think looks good, plays well and is reliable. I couldn't care less how much it resembles sought-after classic designs and specs, even though I do tend to like vintage tones. I don't think you need vintage specs in much besides the pickups on order to get them.
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With guitars?

Fretboard radius
Neck heel sculpting
21 frets

Fretboard radius is one of those things I’ve never even noticed when I’m playing. I can switch from a 7.25” Fender to an Ibanez Wizard and not even notice the difference

I’ve played Fenders with square heels so long it just feels comfortable to me now. I have zero issues reaching any fret

The times when I need 22 or 24 frets are so rare it doesn’t even matter to me, and when that does happen I’ll just use another guitar.
Neck thickness is another for me, as long as it doesn't have a noticable flat spot on the back (wizard 2, I'm looking at you).
Could be Gittler guitar, could be literal baseball bat, I don't care.

Well I guess we can't be friends.
I thought as an orthodox hand position player you would like that. I play the same and neck thickness doesn’t bother me either.
Nut width. It’s not something that most people talk about but it’ll make or break a guitar for me.

Television is another one. Living with my family I get it, they want to watch things. When I lived alone I never owned a TV and if my relationship with my wife fails I’ll go right back to that.

It’s not even really television, it’s the ads. I can’t stand being force fed ads for crap I don’t need, would never buy and don’t want in the first place. I quit listening to the radio for the same reason.

Thank god for Spotify playlists.
Looks. At least somewhat. Most of the guitars people drool over because of their pr0n wood and what not completely leave me cold. Got an Anderson semi hollow drop top and already thought about applying a proper opaque finish (it's got all that quilted maple business with laquered pseudo-bindings going).
I'm also with @Brandon7s regarding authenticity. Thing has to work for me, play comfortably and sit in a mix well and that was it. Anything else I pretty much don't care about.
Cats. They’re cute and all, and I wish them no harm. But they just don’t interest me.
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I'm actually kinda kidding; I'd love a cat, as would my oldest daughter. But the wife says nope to that, with having three pugs already.
Our dogs are both 13ish? We won't get any after they go (which is horrid convo I am going to skip as long as I can) but we might make a cat foray after that.