The "Say Something Positive" Thread.

la szum

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Man, the Internet can be a rough place. What's that saying, "Can take years to build something,
and only an instant to tear it down?" It rings true, to me. Noot sure what it is but am feeling a bit
of collective angst, and thought a positive only/uplifting thread could be a cool antidote to the
tendencies of our times.

And yeah, I can get sucked in as easy as anyone. Sorry, Dave Friedman. Sorry, Cowboy Hats. :facepalm


How about we share something positive here, with the condition that someone cannot come in and
take a dump :poop: on it immediately. All the other threads here are for that. :LOL:

It could be something or someone we are grateful for. It could be an uplifting quote or story. It
could be as simple as something that we like and enjoy after the struggles of a work day.

So, what's your happy place? Who or what inspires you? When was the last time you did something
kind for someone randomly, or some fleeting angel helped you and then disappeared into the night?


I just bought this awesome T-shirt at the Goodwill store..


the swede

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Me and wife gave her granddad a Samsung Galaxy phone for his 87’th birthday. He has said that he would like to try one of these “those new screen phones you kids have”.

I admit I was very hesitant about the whole thing. But we loaded his sim and i prepared the phone while drinking coffee with him, chatting about something else. Cleared out the crap from the main screen, programmed in the few contacts he needed, and found this classic ring tone so he can hear the thing ring and recognize it being a “phone”.

Then we started to show him how to unlock and get to the phone and contacts, making a call and stuff. I tell ya… for a 87 yo man that never touched a thing like that, he surprised us with how fast he learned to get the hang of touch and getting around on the screen. He even learned immediately how to pinch and zoom an image, that he took there. I honestly felt humbled by this moment. This is a guy that has done heavy stuff with buttons and levers and machines and stuff. Never used computers or anything like that.

Cool moment. A positive moment.