The Hellecasters


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Anyone here even heard of these guys? It’s John Jorgenson, Will Ray and Jerry Donahue, they did a few albums in the early-mid 90’s. It’s the country equivalent of the G3 tour :ROFLMAO: These guys all RIP and the songs are pretty damn good, too. It’s not straight up country, more rock/country and just licks for days.

*(I’m going to add a story about this song, Terra Firma, below)

And my favorite one, which is all Jorgenson. He does some AWESOME stuff with feedback in here and for the tone he’s using….man that dude can wring those f*cking notes out.

This is another great one, if Satch ever did a country tune, it’d probably sound like this-

*Back when I was 14 I REALLY wanted a new amp and kept coming up with ways to get my dad to get one for me, whatever dumb scheme I could. I used to play along to CD’s in the living room all the time while he read books in the kitchen, I had been working on “Terra Firma”, learning it by ear for a little while but it was a pretty challenging song for someone who was only playing for 3 years. After I botched it pretty good one night, repeatedly, my dad said from the kitchen, “Hey Andy, I got it, you want a new amp? Learn that song note for note and I’ll get you a new amp.”

There were no tab books of this stuff and AOL was barely a thing yet, but my uncle had a CD player that did the A-B repeat thing where you could repeat the same part over and over, so I sat in his studio every damn day before and after school learning this song for a straight month. One night I played along with it in the living room and I hear my dad slam his fist down on the kitchen table, “Damnit, Andy I shouldn’t have opened my f*cking mouth.” I wasn’t playing it note for note, but got enough of it right that it wouldn’t be much longer before I got it all down. He was more pissed with himself because we were broke and there was no way he was able to buy me an amp.

And to his credit, he more than made up for it a couple years later when he got me a Mesa Studio Pre (we won’t talk about what I did with it) and then when I bought my Legacy half stack, he bought the 2nd 4x12 so I could have a full stack. :headbang
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I think I’d rather listen to these guys than Polyphia. 😁

Absolutely! All three are legends on their own and I loved the stuff they did together with The Hellcasters
Been a fan since the first one was released. Never got to see them live though.