TGF First Annual Weekly/Bi-Weekly Centennial Do Something Challenge Rules

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Rule #1- All are welcomeTM

Stuff you're supposed to do-
  1. Play you're guitar! Or bass! Or drums! Or peen! Or all of them!
  2. Write something, record it and upload it! "Something" can be anything you feel comfortable submitting. We'll have future themed challenges.
  3. Cover something, record it and upload it! As long as the writer is given credit, all are welcomeTM.
  4. Solo over a backing track, record it and upload it!
  5. Submissions can come in any form; audio or video, Soundcloud, FractalCamp, YouTube, Dropbox, Yermomsbox, etc. If you want to just record a video of the audio playing in the background and you playing because recording in a DAW isn't you're thing, do it up.
  6. Tell us about it! What gear you used and your motivations, deepest desires and dirty secrets, you perv.
  7. Give your feller F'ers a high five for their efforts, you can discuss other rewards via PM. Licky, Licky.
  8. Do it some more!

Stuff you're NOT supposed to do-
  1. Be a prick. The penalty will be doublefold for whatever the offense is. Being a prick consists of: negatively criticizing other's submissions, "telling it like it is". The easiest way to avoid this is to not offer suggestions unless the contributor asks for them. There's a vulnerability that comes along with submitting something and you'll never know how someone will take a suggestion or critique. If they don't ask for it, the best thing you can do is incorporate your advice into your own thing.
  2. Steal anyone's music.
  3. Reach into your archives and pull out the half-assed demo your bass player made when he got his first Tascam Portastudio in 1998 unless you're rerecording it. The submission has to have been started and completed within the week or bi-week.
  4. Spam the threads with 50 improv solos you banged out in 5 minutes each. I don't think anyone currently here would do this, so this is for you oncoming F'ers.
  5. Use the same submission in all the active challeneges unless it actually makes sense to do so in themed challenges. IE- You can't submit something in the weekly challenge and then submit it in the bi-weekly challenge.
Point system-

All submissions equal 1 point. The weekly and bi-weekly challenges will run for 8 weeks, points will be tallied and listed at the end of each week. If you're the winner, you can screenshot it and send it to your wife, husband, best friends, random people on Twitter, wherever you want. Or, if someone has something they would like to submit to a winner; a pack of strings, some picks, a Barbie that's missing an arm and has no clothes, a power supply, a pedal you don't use anymore but it's not worth selling, anything except items that contained bodily fluids, feel free to submit it.

Overall, the point system is to act as a marker for your consistency. The challenge is to push yourself to do a little more than your normal thing, some of you will have to learn how to use a DAW, some of you will have to look at less porn and play more guitar, some are going to have to feel some kind of 'structure' to remain consistent. This is already in the Member Clips subforum, that's why this is a challenge and not just a link to the subforum!

A new thread will be created at the start of each week and bi-week, submissions are to be posted within those threads.

The challenge runs 12AM Eastern every Saturday and ends at 11:59PM the following Friday. I'm sure you're all smart enough to figure out how that works for the bi-weekly challenge.

Last Rule: HAVE FUN!
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