Strymon Cloudburst, it was real after all

Sounds great and the feature set is excellent. More compact than their older pedals and still retaining stereo I/O capabilities with MIDI.

Not going to get the Cloudburst because I already have a Nightsky which does more than enough ambient stuff for me while also working well as a "meat and potatoes" reverb.

I am very interested to see what else they make in this new form factor.
Yeah, the form factor's great. Stereo TRS in/out & MIDI is great, everyone needs to get on it.
Pedal sort of gives me Neunaber Wet vibes with its form factor and catch-all reverb algo... except better, cus Strymon.
It’s Strymon, so I want to get there, but this one doesn’t do it for me.

Or the potential implications that the smaller form factor will be largely used for reworks of single algorithms, for the price of what essentially was the original cost of the older full size versions that had way more algo’s. :idk