String Gauge ?


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Howdy all, Question for the fine folks here who play or have played in Eb, Stone would like to know what your String Gauge of choice was ?
I tried 40 and 42 and well the Low E sounded like ass, i do prefer a lighter gauge but dont want it sounding like ass either
I was maybe thinking something like 44-9.5 what you all think ?

You can pull up a string gauge calculator, and plug in the gauge and scale of the ones you already have on a guitar that you like the way they sound and feel..., write down the tension of each string, then change the tuning in the calculator, then input the tension #'s you wrote down to see if you can get close.
Generally I use 10- 46 for standard or half step down although I have had guitars that felt right with lighter or heavier gauge strings. Sometimes I think the guitar will dictate what is best regardless of our personal preferences.
I have 10- 46 on my dk-24 and it’s half step down but I need to do another set up on it the string tension is a little sloppy for my tastes.
I always went with 10-46 in std tuning. When we decided to go to Eb for the singer, I went to 11-52, and did that for a long time. The last couple of years I played gigs, I went to 10's in Eb because my hands were having issues.
I pretty much play Eb most of the time now. Depending on the guitar, either 10-46 or 11-49. 10's are usually fine though.
Back when I gigged, I played my 25" PRS in Eb, and Les Paul (24.75" scale) in std, and used 10's on both. But I purposely used the longer scale guitar for Eb, to help keep the tension closer to each other, vs. the other way around.
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I honestly don't know how Edward used a .040 or a .042. He must have had such a light touch
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For me it's 10-46 on all 25.5" guitars in standard tuning, 11-48/50 for all 24.75" guitars in standard tuning and 25.5"s in Eb. I usually don't tune down, though.
I don’t even factor in scale length, 10-46 for standard/Eb, 10-52 for D-standard/drop C, 10-56 for 7-string in standard.
I always play in Eb.

9's - 42's.

Once in a while 10's - 42's, or 10-46's if adventurous.