Redwirez Marshall 1960 IRs


Rock Star
Howdy all,
Say anyone ever try this IR

Impressions ? anything better sounding?

Thanks all
I have 3 packs, but haven't used them since several years ago. I don't remember:
FreePack-1960-G12M25 (that one is free)
Marshall 1960 • Celestion G12T-75s
Marshall 1960 4x12 • Celestion G12Ms

I may give them another try after I finish recording TGF Challenge Week #2 😅
Got their Big Pack way back in the days, still like them, but you need a very good way to keep track of these much IRs. Personally I'm using them converted to Space Desiger Presets in Logic, (Space Designer Manager did the conversion in seconds), IMO there's no better way to go through so many IRs. In case I wouldn't have that option, I'd probably even pass completely.