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Howdy all who are some of your favorite Preset creators
i find there are quite a few good ones with some of them being smoking hot players
i like Marco great presets and a hell of player, and also Moke he makes some incredible presets
who do you guys like and for any platform

I never use presets, because I think creating presets and tweaking is where all the fun is at! Maybe that's just me. I do watch these videos though as an educational/platform reviewing thing.

I like Marco's sounds and playing. Amazing player. I followed him a lot when I was in Headrush land for a while.

My absolute favourite dude though is John Cordy. Just love his playing and for Helix users he is a great educational resource for the platform, esp. the Stomp.
Yeah for Sure JC is awesome I also watch a lot of Leon's Videos even though i dont own a Fractal I still get great tips and ideas which i can apply to my Helix, ohh and man can he ever play, and such amazing tones !!!


Yes Leon Todd is awesome
Austin Buddy’s Live Gold presets are indeed gold. I got it mainly because I hate tweaking when I have the inspiration to write/record, I just want to pick an amp and press Record. Having nearly every amp in the AxeFX paired with great sounding IR’s has been invaluable. I generally don’t get on well with other people’s presets, like ever, but these all sound stupid good.

The organization is so well laid out, well-

Why this isn’t sold with every AxeFX/FM9/FM3 out the door, I don’t know. I’d be willing to bet my own AxeFX that if the people who don’t want to deal with tweaking got this with their new AxeFX, the word of mouth would greatly increase sales. The *only* tweaking I do to these is front panel stuff, outside of changing/adding effects.

The way the scenes are laid out is also perfect. Clean, Kinda Dirty, Dirty, Lead, then has duplicates made for single coils as the first scenes were dialed in with humbuckers.


And you can see how the routing is setup there as well, that’s how all the presets are setup. And Austin keeps updating them! I couldn’t imagine the amount of work that takes, but he’s done it twice since I’ve had it, if I remember right. I haven’t played around with them after Cygnus 2.0, but I’m not sure it’s a crazy enough of a difference to update them again unless he wanted to take advantage of all the power-amp/speaker stuff Cliff has added in.

I also grabbed his bass pack after getting this, for the same reasons. While I have my own presets I use the majority of the time for the main body of a song, I love layering stuff with different amps/guitars and that’s really where this comes in.

Both of these were recorded with nothing but AB’s presets, just slightly tweaked to work with the song.

(Electrics come in at 00:45…..there’s a sh*tload of layers on this…..and the shaker was a sugar packet :rofl )

And the Mastodon cover most here probably heard already, I just used pretty much the amps they do, a Friedman and a JCM800, both boosted. The bass is my own preset.

This basically turns my AxeFX into a well-stocked/organized/wired-up studio full of a crazy amp collection. I’ve got no affiliation with Austin, I just think these presets are invaluable. There’s not really much for crazy weird effects, but I keep a little space reserved for when I find some cool synth/weird presets.