Peavey Bandit

James Freeman

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When your tube amp explodes and your modeler bricks, Peavey Bandit will save your neck.
Everyone has one.



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We had one in the band room at high school, whenever I didn’t want to bring my own amp in I’d play through that. I used to put my DS-1 in front of it and got a pretty decent tone with it, enough to bust out Metallica riffs until the band instructor would come in and bitch me out.
This thread makes me want a Peavey Bandit head. The cheapskate goldilocks in me is strong :hmm
Go for Peavey XXL head, it's the same thing but better in every way.
There are few on Reverb right now that are very fairly priced.
IIRC @DrewJD82 had one for years.

Peavey TransTube are by no means anywhere close to a tube amp sound like any modern modeler can do.
They sounds like a good 90's solid state amp, which is exactly what they are.
My was peavey that looked like a tweed 1x10 combo or something. It had distortion! I was really proud about it. Learned my first guitar chords with it, it was all rage against the machine :p
My first amp was a peavey stereo chorus 2x12. I got it home from Sam Ash 48th street in NYC on the subway in 1990. Played my first gigs with that amp. Heart goes out to Peavey.
I hear prisoners used to build their amps in some kind of early release program but I can’t confirm that.