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I can’t do the Glamour Shot thing to flatter her, but:



Feeling like Ralphie after he got the Red Ryder. (Both eyes intact)

:satan :rawk:headbang
Damn... black beauty, so awesome, congrats
HNLPD, great match with a fireball


Yeah really digging the finish. Wanted something close’ish to a blackout. Very sharp, the contrast from the wood to blacktop with the white binding. :chef (May need to hunt for some clear top hat knobs with a darker tint to round it out)

Early returns with the FB are great. My Ibby is awesome, but it does one thing only: balls out. (BK Aftermaths loaded in it) The LP isn’t slapping the front end as hard, which gives it way more cut and clarity. Im getting way more solid vintage and 80’s riffs with it, but can still slam it with an OD and gallop into the dark. :ROFLMAO: (With a little more cut and sparkle than the Ibby)
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Looks great! I love black Standards, they are super classy.

I would 100% put cream plastics on it personally. I like how it accents the binding.

That’s what’s fun about a Black LP. You can do so much with it if you want. Dress it up with gold hardware like a black beauty. Run it clean with silver/nickel hardware. Black it out with black hardware. Go with or without pickguard. Lots of great looks on those!