Modelling Hate ?


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Howdy all, I noticed being on other forums that really the only place that embraced Modelling is here and TGP
most other forums which i wont name barley speak about modelling and if you dare post or suggest modelling virtues you are attacked by many who tell you that modelling is bad, its a tone suck, can never sound good, etc etc
Like Ok have you ever tried modelling? and why are you so quick to judge without experience ? then you get more dumb answers ...geez
Rant over
Other spot I go to is tolerant. There is some GREAT sounding stuff out there so it would be foolish to dimiss it entirely.

I think really the paranoia of a sense of evangelical/modeling scientologist/"Have you read our pamphlet?" approach is what turns people off.

That being said; there's also the equivalent "I bought the Axsys in 1999 for $2700 so obviously I know what I'm talking about when we talk about modeling" thing that comes from the "Other side" that is equally as :wat :hmm
attacked by many who tell you that modelling is bad, its a tone suck, can never sound good, etc etc

I presume those are middle aged men who started playing in their 30s, bought an LP, 100W tube amp and stupid amount of pedals (there was that one guy who built "all white pedalboard", all white pedals, seriously) because "ThAt's WhAt JiMi UsEd AnD iF iT wAs GoOd FoR hIm It MuSt Be ThE bEsT tHiNg EvEr".
But when it comes to actually playing they can barely play anything other than three basic chords, can't stay in tempo, Led Zeppelin was the pinnacle of music, anything faster than 104 bpms is stupid shred with no feel, and music theory is the devils work designed to kill your creativity.
Am I close?
some of the answers id get as an example

I was gigging with a gt3 into a power amp in 2002.

I got A LOT of comments :wat

Every 4th gig or so (after the set) there would be one dude enamored with the modeling approach, and how I was able to make such a horrible device sound good.

I think i might have been fostering future TGF members:banana