Justin Hawkins Rides Again

Actually, yeah. Same deal, I wasn’t a big fan of The Darkness but figured I’d see what he was all about and actually have enjoyed the channel quite a bit. The dude has a GREAT ear and is far more capable than I’d expected him to be. Sometimes he’ll pick up his acoustic and just play something he heard one and pull it off right away. Seems like a really good dude and it’s great to see a reaction channel that isn’t built on open-mouth thumbnails. Occasionally he throws a click-baity title in, but I think it’s more tongue in cheek than anything.

And his f*cking vocal range is ridiculous!
I have been shocked to discover that he is way less pretentious than his music persona made him seem to be.

For sure! There was a Rig Rundown with them a few years back and that’s when I realized he’s just a goofball taking the piss. I suppose that’s the best kind of satire, when you can’t tell if it’s serious or not.
I have been shocked to discover that he is way less pretentious than his music persona made him seem to be.


He is way more thoughtful in his critique than I expected and as @DrewJD82 mentioned he has a really good ear.

Surprised me how much I dig his approach to his videos.
That seems to be a very British characteristic. Behind all the pomp and bombast is a very erudite and thoughtful dude.

I also dig that he doesn't rip anyone to shreds, even if he could, and even if they deserve it. I think it is because he knows
deep down how f'ing hard music really is.
I need to watch some of his content. Russell Brand has a channel and it is, um; an interesting watch from time to time. Different subject matter though :bag
I've listened to the first two albums of The Darkness a lot, excellent rock albums, really musical and fun to listen to.

2003 Permission To Land
2005 One Way Ticket To Hell And Back

Later albums not so much.

Hilarious how he breaks down the tuning and technique. Well done. Well done.

Even better when he starts teaching it to a viewer later in the clip. :LOL: I would LOVE to hang out with this dude!

I had to chuckle at the guitar stand talk in the beginning.....

Permission To Land came out at a great time for me to descover it, my late teens. I loved everything about the band - the satire, the skill, the musicality. I didn't listen to them religiously because my interests were all over the place but I descovered Justin was doing YT from his appearance in a What Makes This Song Stink video from Pat Finnerty.

I need to check out more of JH's content. Thanks for reminding me!