Incoming NAD… come to papa!!!



I was looking at buying a new bus comp, stereo EQ and 500 series chassis to start building out a nice hardware solution for recording…

Then for some reason I started looking at amps and decided yet another amp is what I really needed! Nice thing is that Sweetwater has an exclusive black one and it’s a few hundo cheaper!

Pretty stoked as I’ve kind of wanted one for about a year or so after a Gary Holt rig rundown.
LOVE the black. Oof

Pop Tv Alexis Rose GIF by Schitt's Creek

I mean the classic silver is cool and all but this just looks slick, and again, like $300 cheaper.

I’m no mathemagician… but I’m thinking I answered this one right!

Just think, you could have bought the 20w Studio version for just $200 less. :ROFLMAO: