I want to have Jason Sadites baby

Bob Zaod

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This was the absolute missing ingredient for my low-mid gain patches. Goosebumps galore at band volumes. My oh my! At the very least maybe he will marry me.

Addendum: Didnt work in a band context. I even tweaked eq's on unit and the mixer as we went. Nope. File under solo ear candy, group garbage.
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Man, I started watching Dead Ringers on Prime yesterday…..to be fair, it gives you warning up front you’ll be seeing childbirth stuff, but I nearly lost whatever contents were in my stomach when it started. They uh….were effective in traumatizing me. :rofl
Cronenberg (related? not sure for the show) is always gross :oops:
I genuinely can't watch his videos. I get creeped out everytime Jason Sadites stares at the camera while playing.
The one when he was down in the back correcting people about their Tone-X input level misconceptions was a little awkward :oops: :rofl
Put a compressor after the amp, compress the hell out of it, pull the mix way down, adjust to taste.
There, saved you 15 minutes.
I've watched this thing a number of times. My eyes always glaze over and I zone out. If I have to do this to enjoy a modeler; I am out 100%. Weird crap like this and wasting 6 out of the 8 available blocks on weird eq tricks is not something I am going to do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ At this point; you don't have to either. If we are keeping track.