Hotone Ampero Control?

Boudoir Guitar

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Anybody used or looked into this?

Looking for something while waiting for Helix Control to get back in stock.

I actually want it to control Strymon Volante and Chase Bliss Mood more than for controlling Helix. So just needs to be able to send value on a CC number, ideally in a toggle manner, which this thing seems more than capable of doing.

Anybody used it? @JiveTurkey ?
You made the right call. I'm ridiculously fussy about switches being silent or close to it, and the Ampero Control 4 is really good in this regard. MIDI implementation is full-featured, too. The only thing I would warn you about is the configuration app can be a little weird. Some switching modes that you would expect to fire on button down actually fire on button up, so it takes a little trial and error to figure out which ones will behave as you intend. And I've sometimes had to save my changes more than once to get them to "take". But once it's all set up, it works great - and it's super cheap.

I'd recommend strapping a USB-rechargeable 9V battery to the thing.