Helix Euclidean Delay

Sleezy E

TGF Recording Artist
I like reading about the cool ways people use effects that I would never think of.

I've never been a fan of delay on my guitar because it always felt like I'm either ripping off David Gilmour :cool: or worse, The Edge™ :cautious:

Anyhoot... I've had a blast playing with the new-ish delay in the helix family, the "Euclidean Delay", since it came out so I thought I'd share 2 examples that actually made it into songs I wrote.

If you're not familiar it's kind of a step delay where you can alter repeats or starting points... all sorts of cool weird stuff.

The first example I wrote totally based off the the delay (which I usually think is lazy)
Guitar is a parker classic fly just using the piezo's w/ helix studio tube pre, delay, dyn hall and a the la2a
The main delay guitar is running in helix native and the one that comes in later is recorded wet from the helix floor, because why not.

Euclidean (stereo) settings bpm120
1/16th note, FB 0%, Steps 8, Fill 3, Rotate 0, mix 42%

Second example I just finished up the other day.. This one I ran the delay in mono because its more of a rhythm part (background)

Guitar is a mexi strat through the litigator, euclidean, hot springs, then dyn hall

Again, a dry recording running in native, I do this so I can mess with the delay and tone to make it sit right. This guitar part started out as a typical 8th note delay which I ditched for the euclidean, mucho inspirado.

Euclidean (mono) settings bpm 130
1/8th note, FB 0%, Steps 9, Fill 7, Rotate 6, Mix 48%

sorry for wall of txt, i know we've discussed this....
I stumbled upon playing this to a Jojo Mayer-style beat but never finished it as a whole song because I'm good at not finishing things. Euclidean Delay, Autopan, Essex A30 and A15, Dynamic Hall.

I just started moving parameters around and found a good place to stop
@Line6 and everyone, can we imagine euclidian modulations or other euclidian effects ?