Great band names that never will be

The very first band I was in was called $hit. Our whole reasoning for the name was we wanted people to hear it and say "Hey that sounds like $hit!
other band names I have come up with that never made the final cut were..

Manson Family Picnic
Tampon Tea Tastes Terrible
Mourning Would
3 Fat Dudes
3 Fat Dudes and a Hot Chick
Immigrant Schlong ( A naked Led Zeppelin Experience)
Misery Loves Company
Red Sun Rising ( taken years later by a signed band)
Crusty Sock
Two that my uncle gave me back when I was in high school I haven’t put to good use-

Scammin’ The Hole
Erotic Subway

I did use Erotic Subway for a one-off gig before, I’d use that one again for sure.
Got to love the Metallica Logo Generator...