Favourites/User Default Features on HX Stomp/Helix

Do you use the Favourites and User Default Features on the Helix/HX Stomp?

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These are one of my "favourite" features of the Helix platform. I.e. to be able to save the settings of a block as the defaults for the next time we load it up, and the ability to store settings of a block (including dual cabs!) as "Favourites" to load up at any time!

I am curious about how folks use these features, how you name and organize your Favourites and so on!

Please share your workflow!
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Alex Kenivel

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I have user defaults set up for often-used amp/preamp blocks and IR blocks. TS is defaulted with D/T/V @ 0/5/10. Deluxe Compressor is defaulted to 4:1, Threshold 0, Level 0. Little tweaks to the Reverbs too. Probably some other things, I forget.

My Favorites have become a mess and I should sort them out. I'm not a fan of the on-unit organization. I'd like to use the favorites on my Stomp to easily access effects I'd like to use in a "wildcard" space in the signal chain. Perhaps I haven't found the right way to do it, but it would be nice to be able to order the favorites in a custom list so I don't have to hunt for them. The fact that the favorites save assignments usually backfires on me so I have to be careful to not save any assignments. I have to remember to save favorite blocks in an Off state as to not get any wild volume spikes when navigating past blocks to get to what I want.

I have several drive and other FX blocks saved to Favorites. Also some effects built with two or more blocks. I have one called Pattern Delay that uses the Asheville pattern and (the exact model escapes me atm) a delay block. I label them Pattern Delay 1 and Pattern Delay 2. I have an organ effect that takes three blocks, Organ Pre, Organ Post 1, Organ Post 2.

I have a Stereo Imager and Dynamic Room I use for headphones called HP 1 and HP2. Different Deluxe Compressor blocks for different guitars. I have a 10 band EQ with the level cranked that I call AMP TORTURE. I stack multiples of these before an amp block to test new models' extreme limits for s***s and giggles.

I have a bunch of Amp favorites I tell myself I need but I really don't. Or do I?

I have a Wah that keeps getting the name erased for some damn reason.

James Freeman

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I use both User Default and Favorite features.
Primarily user dafaults for amps and effect and favorite for eq curves and dual cabs with fine tuned settings.


I definitely use favorites for FX. I don't recall if I've used User Defaults or not - I usually tweak something whether FX or AMP.

I might have saved a couple of Amp settings in Favorites also.

I need to do some cleanup in my patch directories . User 4 and 5 have become a combined experiment lab except for a few. I'll backup some of the ideas and then remove the least used for some long needed housekeeping.