Favorite amp head and cab in Line 6 Helix?

I used to like the Badonk and then the ENGL (Savage I think?). I always used York IRs with mine when I had it

Clean? What's that?
It's the ENGL Fireball.

I wish they had the Savage, as that is my favorite and it sounds phenomenal on my Fractal stuff.

And yeah, I also like those higher gain ones on my HX Stomp. The ANGL Meteor and the Line 6 Badonk are some of the most aggressive models that get the closest to a Savage.

Sometimes I'll us a Marshall model if I want to dial back the pedal to the metal.
For the longest time I've been using the Essex A30 for clean, mid gain, crunchy, fuzzy. Badonk for high gain.

I've been flirting with the Derailed Ingrid for clean to mean duties this year but finally made a Placater Dirty preset that I like for more than a day, and covers clean to mean and fuzzy too.
For the longest time it's been the SOLO Lead (SLO100) for me, mixed with the German Ubersonic (Uber!). But, lately, with new (to me) guitars and new pickups (like the Elysian Valkyrie), I've been delving into the ANGL Meteor (ENGL Fireball) and Das Benzin Lead (Deizel!). Also just set up a preset with a REV Gen Red last week too.

Where I find the most tone love is taking two guitar tracks, with two different amps, and mixing them together. With each track bringing something different to the final tone. How that worked previously was mixing the SOLO Lead and the German Ubersonic, so one playthru of each amp preset, both panned left. Then played again individually through both panned right for a total of 4 guitar tracks (the link below was done with these two amp presets, tracked individually 4 times total).

As for cabs, I flit back and forth from a few of the 412s (Uber T75, Uber V30, Cali V30) to a Mesa OS412 IR from Ola Englund, depending on how it all mixes together. The OS412 sounds utterly massive and much fuller than any of the Helix cabs - which works very, very well for most of what I play, but with a low end heavy amp, it can sometimes be too much.

Nice to see a couple mentions of the HX ENGL; no one ever so much as mentioned it at "the other place". I mean, except for me. It's my favorite HX high gainer. The Revv's that were introduced later are a close second/third, though.

Favorite clean is the Fender Twin (or Double or whatever it's called in HX land.)
For the longest time
For the longest time
The Revv. Archon after that. Use York Audio IRs. May check out the cabs after updating Native.
No Favorites really just whatever amp sounds best for any particular cover i want to do
I mean all the amps that I've used so far in my Helix are great :idk
My favorite was always the PV Panama, never liked the old stock cabs but that has changed with the new cabs, now almost all the cabs are useful in my opinion.
My favorite amp model changes every month or two. It's primarily why I have a modeler and not an amp + load box at this point. Right now my favorite is the Ubersonic - after figuring out the presence knob is more of an upper mids knob I've been finding it easy to dial in.

For the new cabs, I'm really liking the Mandarin 2x12 in my brief tests so far.
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