Extreme is back!

Haven’t had a chance to listen yet but I love Nuno!! Hope it rocks. New album, Extreme Six, coming out in June!!
Bringing the hate in 3.... 2.... and....
Driving On My Way GIF by Oscar Mayer

1. I am historically not big on these guys. Mainly because I think of the crap power ballad, no matter how much other awesome they have in their catalog.

2. Mix is kinda weird part aside; I am assuming this is their take on "heavy" and it works GREAT. Nuno is something else :eek: That center section is o_O
Not my cup of tea overall, but I actually dig the chorus riff, and the solo is pretty badass.
Same as everyone, apparently...I find the overall composition to be a snoozefest compared to the complexity and uniqueness of a lot of the rest of their catalog. But Nuno's stuff here just.....damn. Untouchable chops that are a perfect mix of virtuosity, groove and swagger.