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Have a song you want to re-work, re-mix, re-record, re-master, re-whatever from the Do Something Challenge? Then you're in luck since this thread is for exactly that!

Post any song you entered in any week/thread/season of the Do Something Challenge that you've re-worked in any way, shape or form since you submitted it.

This isn't for points, or "wins" or anything other than having a place to share a Challenge entry you've re-visited or continued to work on post-submission.

  • Didn't like the arrangement of an entry? Re-arrange and post it here.
  • Didn't like the guitar tone? Post a new tone'd version here.
  • Feel like you didn't quite get the mix the way you wanted it? Remix it and post it here.
  • Want to add parts to your song from another forum member you want to jam with? Make it happen and post it here.
  • Bored and just want another crack at something you submitted? Hit that crack and post it here... wait... that didn't sound right...
please ignore that last part.

(To keep the thread from getting cluttered, please keep posts to either new versions of challenge submissions - i.e. no random stuff you've been working on that was never submitted to the Challenge - or commentary regarding a re-done version someone else has posted here. TIA!)
And here I thought I'd never have to hear that stupid riff again. :facepalm But I do wake up in a cold sweat some nights worrying over the 5,000+ timing/ arrangement issues I should have fixed. As you do...

One of the hardest issues I have is leaving well enough alone. That lost song I posted is 10 years old and had multiple revisions until I just couldn’t stomach hearing it one more time. I’m sure in 5 years when I listen to it again I’ll find 2000 things I’d do differently, but figuring out how to look at songs as ‘just a stamp in time’ or ‘I really want this to be everything it can be’ is really tough.

I think the majority of writers have to go through that. There’s so many aspects to it, too; on one hand you might be completely satisfied with how something sounds, but when comparing it to other modern recordings, it ”falls short” in the context of that comparison and that can lead to self-doubt instead of just being happy with what you did. That’s definitely the biggest issue I run into because while there’s often a modern take on metal in what I do, I have zero interest in competing with modern metal mixes, but the majority of people listening are assuming it’s meant to stand alongside modern production. Shutting off the part that cares what other people think can be tough, but after enough “You should have done this….” comments, it gets easier. :rofl
This is something I think every creative person deals with, whether you make music, sculptures, architecture, prose, anything. The best answer I found was to learn GETMO: Good Enough To Move On.

I stop and consider what I'm creating for: is it a paying client, one of my bands, a forum challenge or just because I can't stop myself from creating something? And, once I know that, I find it easier to cap off that desire to never be done and know where to cap it.

Then I see/hear/experience it again later on and my brain starts twitching... :facepalm:rofl
I rely on being too lazy to redo it. There’s not one of these casual clips I’ve made where there isn’t at least one part where I go oh fuck that should be redone because of a screw up or two. Though I would like to start implementing an actual mix in the near future, and develop some more complete songs.
Like the way this song turned out, but don't like the mix. So, now I'm taking a beating from the Law of Diminishing Returns...

That phrase between 1:05 and 1:15 or so reminds me of something and it's driving me crazy. Can't figure out if it's something from one of the old Danzig albums, or an obscure Ozzy song, or what.
That phrase between 1:05 and 1:15 or so reminds me of something and it's driving me crazy. Can't figure out if it's something from one of the old Danzig albums, or an obscure Ozzy song, or what.
I hate when that happens. There's a Becoming the Archetype song that has a section that reminds me of an old Beatles song and I can never remember the song when I hear the BTA part.

Sorta rubbed me wrong that this old submission predated me figuring out how to pan guitars :ROFLMAO: :bag I sorta wanted to go touch some things up and add some new fills etc, but I thought that sorta ruins the time capsule effect of the challenge, where you can go back and listening to old mixes. (With all their flaws) So I just panned electric guitars as the good Lord intended, ran ProQ3, and bounced it. Still not perfect but probably a little closer to what I was shooting for at the time.
Well this whole "Do Something Challenge" ends up in me releasing a suite of pieces I composed for said challenge! I have had really good response from folks here and elsewhere, and considering it costs me nothing extra to release on Bandcamp and Distrokid, I figured, why not! Gives me closure as well on this first round of synth music which I have never done before, but have had a blast playing with! So, long and short I guess is, thanks for the challenge, it was the item that pushed me to join here and so glad I did! I also need to blame @DrewJD82 for making me aware of Midjourney for the artwork, it has stole many hours of my time but rewarded me with some fantastic stuff IMO! Thanks Drew!!! Here are some specs, artwork, details on this release.


In The Flesh - Seven Suns Suite


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