Deal or no deal? Mesa Solo Single Rec head prospect

Bob Zaod

Rock Star
I can't seem to find many of these for sale so it's hard to gauge. Obviously going to play through it before I pull the trigger but is 800 generally a good deal for one of these if it's in very good shape like he says?

I'd say solid. I'd say great would be at the $700 range but haven't shopped for one for a while?

Not 2 minutes after I posted that last post he texts me and says he's got someone to look at it today. I can't til tomorrow cos I have a private function to play 100 miles away. Oh well. Maybe it'll be a no show.
This head was my first boogie . Seriously it was cool. Back in the day I found it very dirty, didn’t know all this “od boost” thing, so I use external dist on the clean channel 😅. I was super happy when I bought it.