Come Together - Acoustic Cover - Baritone Acoustic Guitar & Vocal


Here's what I often do to waste time... acoustic covers. Hopefully my neighbors don't hate me too much!

I used my Guild 8-string baritone acoustic. It's an incredibly great guitar, and it was only $650. It sounds better than any other acoustic I own and the fit and finish is easily that of a much more expensive acoustic. The vocal mic is a Shure SM7B. The guitar is going through an iRig Acoustic Stage clip-on pickup, which has quickly become my favorite no-fuss mic for recording acoustic guitar.

When I make these mediocre covers, I just play and sing at the same time, pipe the guitar and mic signal through my Helix, and record directly into an iPad. If I feel motivated I'll add a few more vocal or guitar layers, and if I'm really feeling ambitious (which is rare) I'll run the final mix through Ozone to make it pop.
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