Changing HX Stomp Snapshots Via Midi In Voodoo Labs PX-8 Plus


Hi Guys,

Hoping someone can help with the issue I have. I've recently upgraded my pedalboard and purchased a Voodoo Labs PX-8 Plus Switcher which is a great piece of gear. The idea is to have it control my pedals and also my HX Stomp. For context I use a load of different pedals (distortion, OD, EQ etc) and then use my Stomp for effects such as modulation and the stomp goes into the FX loop on my amp.

The way I've been using my stomp in my band situation is to have presets set up and then snapshots (there are 3 of these) within each preset. For example one of our songs requires me to use a phase effect in the intro, so I would set the preset up with 2 snapshots, snapshot 1 would have the phase effect then when the rest of the song kicks in I'll change to snapshot 2 for my regular sound.

So what I am trying to achieve is to be able to control my effects and my HX Stomp using the PX8. I have managed to get my pedals working and have set up some patches as this has been really straight forward. I have set up a Midi connection between my PX8 and Stomp and can change presets on my stomp with the PX8 by pressing button A, B, etc. However I don't know how to set it up to change snapshots within the preset. The work around I have at the moment is to use the PX8 to change presets and just set the presets up with the different modulation effects that I use but this isn't ideal as if I change a preset in the middle of a song theres an audible gap (to me anyway) between the changes.

So ideally I'd like it to work in this way:

Channel 1 is selected on the PX-8 and I press button A - this selects patch A1 on my Helix which has 2 snapshots configured
I then press button B on my PX-8 and it selects snapshot 2 of patch A1 on my Helix

Can this be done? If anyone could help that would be fantastic but bear in mind Im new to Midi so if anyone does know please explain in a way a complete idiot would understand.

You should send CC69 messages to the Stomp, not a program change message.

CC69 with a value of 0 would give you snapshot 1... a value of 1 would give you snapshot 2, a value of 3 would give you snapshot 4, and so on.

Does the PX8 allow you to customize the messages it sends? I'm not familiar with it enough to know, but my GigRig G3 can send all sorts of messages, not just program change messages (which is what changes the entire preset).
Ok, so I've gone through the manual and the PX8 can send and both PC and CC messages. I've configured it for both and also configured it for just CC messages but it still behaves in the same way - it will only change presets, it won't change snapshots within the preset.
" Each PX-8+ preset also sends a MIDI command to select programs on MIDI-capable effects, like digital delay and reverb. "

That sounds like it can only send program changes, not control changes.
After a quick glance at the manual, it looks like you won't be able to send MIDI CCs to specific pedals. You'll need a separate controller for that. I could be wrong but I only see sections mentioning the receiving of messages.

Alternatively you could leave your Stomp in Snapshot mode and use the Stomp itself for switching Snaps.