Boss Waza Air


I've been going through a fairly rough patch in my life. I've been playing guitar quite a bit since I volunteered to do lead guitar on an online Walk This Way collab. Man, what a great song.

Since I can really only play through headphones nowadays I usually use the headphone out from my interface into my regular cans. However, due to aforementioned rough patch, I wanted to crank an amp. I just plugged straight into the waza airs and turned em up loud. I don't think I've ever done them that loud before. And it felt f***ing great. 95% of the way to a real cranked amp. Still a great purchase 3 years on.

I'm glad we type here, because if I keep this up it'll be the only way I'll be able to do communication.
I don't know many people who haven't been there, man. I started talking to 85% of the people on this forum in the middle of my own rough patch, you're in good company.

Playing with headphones on is an excellent way to immerse yourself and completely shut out the outside world for a little bit, just make sure you can still use your ears in the future! My buddy has the little 30-watt Waza amp with the wireless transmitter, he raves about the thing so much I almost bought one before playing it, I just don't quite have a need for it right now.

Glad ya got somethin' to rock out with, man!! Hopefully this place brings ya some laughs and relief!