Boss modeling in a mixer/audio interface

Don’t even care about the built in effects, but the mixer otherwise is a really cool device. Pricey though.
Yeah it seems like an interesting product. Pardon the pun, but I'm all for thinking of new ways to package this sort of stuff.

A dedicated modeler and audio interface is still probably going to be more user friendly.
Reminds me of the Roland VS recorders from 20 years ago. Before every computer could handle multitrack recording they were a good stand alone solution that also had the COSM amps and a bunch of other effects built in. Those units were very practical and professional sounding but also limited. Not just the guitar sounds, but the overall sound (preamps/reverbs/eq/compressors) was fantastic for some bands I recorded, and a struggle for others. Being able to just turn one machine on and be ready to go was really nice though- especially when I was recording on location.
A dedicated modeler and audio interface is still probably going to be more user friendly.

Given my personal workflow, I would disagree. If I was reducing my setup to just a modeler and an interface, I'd have to tab between windows reach for the mouse far too often. I adjust my guitar (and partially mic) volume vs. both my DAW and system sounds almost all the time, so a mixer is of almost paramount value for me
Having all these covered in a convenient package is defenitely something appealing to me.
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My Soundcraft Ui24R has 90+% of a Digitech RP1000 built into it. Sucks that's you can't really switch patches though. I mean you could if you built the same snapshot a few times but with a different amp or amp rig in it but that's a PITA because you can't go up and down when switching snaps via footswitch on the mixer. Soundcraft either didn't GAF or didn't think that through. I have used it to add a player at the end of a night for a jam and it does the job in a pinch. Also using the Ui24R with OBS is pretty easy.