Blank screen bug on Helix Native STILL here at 3.52...


I was hoping beyond hope this would finally fix the bug that has been nailing helix native users for years, but no luck, still getting the weird screen
helix native.png
lly be the
I thought you resolved this?

How many registered machine you have?
How many HDDs you have on your machine?
Have you contacted support? Did they try to help you?
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I have three registered machines, but even removing them all of them and then just adding this one doesn't help

I have two HDs on this machine. Setting the SSD to ID 0 as suggested doesn't help.

Support has given up for many of the cases of this. I still tell them whenever I get a new clue or find something that might matter.

Its still the case that, although two of the machines are windows ten, at the line 6 server it shows the working one as windows 8 and the broken one as windows 10 and that seems consistent with other peoples' experiences