Avatar 2

James Freeman

Rock Star
Mind numbing CGI galore, no new concepts, no new storyline, no character depth, no plot twists, literally nothing happens for 3 fucking hours.

That’s a bummer, I only watched the first one one, when it first came out, but I remember digging it and I know it was a huge movie. You’d figure with this much time between them they’d have come up with something cool.
I thought the first one sucked. Sorry @la szum :rofl A sequel seemingly 25 years later really isn't going to trip my trigger unless it's a 137th Halloween reboot (that ends up sucking anyway). I have heard the new film is good but have no desire to watch it? I am sure I will catch it at some point in spite of that fact.
The previews were enough for me to say
I did enjoy the first one, but I think it was more for the visual effects just being so crazy for that time, and less about an awesome storyline. At this point - with so much hype around the new one, I’ll wait until i can stream it at home to check it out, but I don’t have high expectations (and even less, after reading James’ post, LOL).
I was excited to watch the first Avatar back in the day on a pirate streaming site, until I realized that I've seen this premise somewhere else before..
Cameron is deluded if he thinks he's gonna get 2 more movies out of this. First one was great. 2nd one... I lost interest halfway through.