Audio Assault Berry Amp Archetype Plugin


Happened across this this morning. Looks like Audio Assault has done an Archtype-esque plugin for Berried Alive. Personally, I really like Berried Alive, and I've come around on Audio Assault. Some of their early plugins were bad (IMHO), but their more recent stuff (RVXX, Bulldog, AHM, Shibalba, Hellbeast) is pretty good.

I'll check this out and report back. It's currently $40, which is steep compared to AA's other plugs.

Alright, so it's... ok. Amp 1 (5150-ish?) felt a little muddy in the low mid-range. It was a great riffing tone, but when I'd play chords or big chugs, I heard some... low-mid warble (?) that I didn't particularly love. Amp 2 (Recto) was fun and bouncy. I preferred Amp 2 to Amp 1, but I didn't prefer Amp 2 to other Recto simulations. Considering there are free Recto sims from LePou and Nalex, I'd definitely give those a spin before dropping $40 on Berry Amp. That is, unless you try the demo and really love it. By all means, give it a go.

Furthermore, I find it hard to recommend especially because of the price compared to some of AA's other plugins. I think I paid less than $40 (the current introductory price) for Bulldog (Fryette/VHT Pitbull), The Crown (Mesa/Boogie Triple Crown), and Sigma. And those are fairly unique, with the exception of Sigma, which I think is just a modded Marshall.

All in all, I'd only buy this to support Berried Alive, but according to their song Blood Orange, they're not hurting for cash. Quite the opposite, they're "stacking them bucks." If you're interested in trying AA plugins, I'd wait for a sale and see what drops below $10. It seems to happen often enough.

FWIW, this is my favorite Berried Alive song. I really love the solo that starts at 2:48.


Different strokes and all. I only played with the Harmonizer in the post effects. It was fun, if not a little flat and a bit latent.