Any Music Related New Year's Resolutions?

la szum

Old enough to know that "Resolutions" often never hold and the excitement of a "New Year"
fades after the booze wears off. :LOL:

That being said, I wonder if any of you have any resolutions----by that I mean, goals for 2023.

I am big on goal setting. If we have nothing to shoot for and aim at then as humans I have
found that we just drift and blow with the winds of whim and change. Not that there is anything
wrong with that. :idk

My primary music goal for 2023 is to put together some kind of weekend jam where a few bands
can get together and play LOUD without fear of someone whining about it. Preferably covered
and outside, including camping and lot of food and drinks. Already networking and kind of planting
the seeds for that sometime in July/August.

Another goal is to continue to try and learn different styles and techniques of playing. I want to continue
to become a more well-rounded and diverse musician who can hopefully fit in anywhere and get by.

Finally, I want to find a way to reach out and give back to younger people in relation to music. My best days
are probably behind me when it comes to what I will do with music, but I have a lot of knowledge and
experience to share with others (not all of it good! :lol ) . I'd like to see a love of music and live performing
continue to exist, so finding a way to nourish and support that in younger people is something I want to
work on in 2023. Might involve lessons, or supplying gear for shows, or hosting jams somewhere. Not sure yet.
Time in my life to give back more and not just focus on myself.

How about you? :beer
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Not a resolution per se, but I may get into some recording, and I'd like to understand theory better. But even if I don't get to them, I'm quite happy just practicing and pushing myself, ability-wise.
I do think I need to pick a lane though. Too much stuff one can try to learn, not to mention learning how to use one's gear. I still have yet to even hook up my FC-12!
Focus. If anything I'm excruciatingly bad at, it's focusing. And especially with music, there's so many distracting things (which I certainly don't need to mention 'round these parts).
By means of guitar related stuff that'd be to sort of finalize my gear - yeah, I hear you laughing already, but it's more kinda like a concept. No impulse buying but rather with a "strategy".

For example, I think of my current pedalboard as the second to last one in my life - which will as well double as a blueprint for the last one. Sure, "the last pedalboard" sounds like a pathetic thing to say, but I'm absolutely getting sick of ever changing rigs. Keeps me away from playing. And well, I already started with those plans last year, seems to work out nicely, I enjoy playing more than almost ever before.

Same goes for guitars. I will not buy any new ones before I haven't finalized or sold those I already have. And I will as well follow a rather strict "only buy what you really need" strategy - which usually turns out to be way less than what any GAS attacks might suggest.

Also goes for my recording stuff. During the last years (err, make that 2.5 decades already...) I went through so much plugins and what not, only to end up with option paralysis all the time. The new computer, which I will hopefully be able to purchase this year, will be vastly streamlined. I already started sorting out and backing up old projects (which won't load on a new machine anyway), bounced some mixes down for future reference but otherwise called it a day.

And it also goes for jobs. While money is tight all the time, I won't play some kinda jobs anymore (you may not exactly know what a "Schützenfest" is, think "Oktoberfest", just *way* worse). Never played much of those shameful gigs anyway, but sometimes I refused to say no, which got me into follow up gigs being as bad and so on. Not gonna do that anymore. Pretty tough in times when still recovering from the last 2-3 years, but I rather live without spending much than playing the cheapest possible party music for (and more importantly: with) some rather questionable folks.
Not a resolution per se, but happy as a pig in sheeit to be playing w/ the daw and tools. Such a nice activity for me these days.