Ampeg SVT Suite for bass

Rocco Crocco

Yesterday I downloaded the free trial and it's damn impressive. The rock sounds are really good, but I was surprised how easy it was to dial in funk and pristine clean sounds. It's obvious this is a bit of a Line 6 production because the layout is almost identical to the Metallurgy plugins L6 released awhile back. It has knobs!

I really like the output section -- there's a saturation knob and you can blend a DI signal in as well. I do wish it had a parametric EQ on the cab section like the Metallurgy plugin.

Also, there's a couple dozen presets that sound killer.

I already have a Helix floor but having this plugin (which also works as a standalone) is pretty convenient for practicing. I haven't recorded or mixed with it yet but I'm sure it's great. It's $150 USD. I'll probably wait until there is a sale to save myself $50 or so.


Rock Star
I have quickly realized I suck at dialing in bass tones. I’m tempted to get that Bogren single knob plug-in!