A Blackstar question!


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So in Cab Rig software; the DI cab selection...is it simply just whatever is being fed to the amp minus any sort of cab emulation from the Blackstar itself?
@KingsXJJ @AFKAEjay or perhaps @la szum
Did you see the Burple Head with his Sig Amp in the Rig Rundown from Premier Guitar?
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Blackstar… come to the underdog darkside. They are quite innovative and their latest iterations are a nice kick to the sack. But in a good way. Certainly worth trying… love my Dept. 10 dual drive and a bit less, my dual distortion. Also have the Deat. 10 boost. It doesn’t have cab rig but it works great with the aforementioned and my regular heads/combos.

Good stuff and cheap right now. Especially with all of this inflation nonsense going on.