Where does the tone in an amp come from?



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And to those who will say that “the feel is different though”…. He could add a good compressor or two to that toolbox amp and get them to feel the same too.

The Great Dispellers of Myths and Mojo have no Myths nor Mojo. :LOL:

I applaud the effort and the OCD level disorder it takes for him to do these vids,
but I'd rather watch paint dry. And I am obsessive and troubled when it comes
to music and tone.

In my final analysis, I could care less---as dispelling the illusions of tone, and where
it comes from, won't write a great riff or a catchy hook, or bring the DOOM!

Play music! Have fun! Let's enjoy what we enjoy. A deep dive into human physiology
and how endorphins work is no replacement for sex. :beer
He lost me at the rectifier tubes.
Soo much in an amplifier sound is about implementation, and not necessarily, which parts are used.
I'd argue that every kind of rectifier which is used well in it's design specs will sound the same.
It's when you push them to non-linear behavior when they start to react differently.
His videos are fun, but, in a way, misleading...
He seems to have assembled an analog based modeler of sorts.

Though is this really a whole lot different than using something like a Bogner Blue Pedal or a Friedman BE OD?
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Interesting. So…

2 new RC Boosters - $344.00
2 new Boss GE-7s - $290.00
2 new SD Pickup Boosters - $240.00
1 EH Magnum 44 Power pedal - $175.00 (arbitrary)
*not including cab/speaker or other switchers/misc parts


Probably easier/less complicated amp options at that price point that could do same/better. Or keep whatcha got and add some pedals.

The portability and lack of maintenance would be fantastic though!
So yeah, piss taking aside.

Quite a cool vid. I've always bought amps for features first, price second, past brand experience third, and internet hype and rumour and conjection fourth.

That's why most of my amps are multi-channel amps with tons of features and possibilities... coz I genuinely do use them all!! I couldn't really get by with an AC30 or a Deluxe Reverb; not enough features.
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