What Have You Bought Guitar Related Lately?


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Having Been here on this Forum for a while I noticed many here many have bad GAS and often buy, sell, buy gear
So i thought id make a thread so as we can keep up with all the purchases caused by GAS
So Ill start

Recently Bought a Tusq XL Nut


A set of Tonerider pickups


and Just yesterday ordered this


What you guys got? :D
For Monitors? Mind if I ask where, as I am getting some
nasty resonant desk vibrations I need to eliminate?

(Never mind. Found.) :beer

What thickness did you get, fret, and for what size monitors?

HS8s @ 22lbs/4 corners = 5.5lbs a corner

1.5” with a durometer of 30

Kinda spendy but it took a lot of bs low shit off the desk
Splurged for an FM9 in January. My last large purchase was an Axe-FX Standard back in 2008. :eek:

In the last year I've sold off several guitars and spent a few hundred on the ones I'm keeping getting them set up properly.

I honestly feel out of place here to a degree, because I can't relate to the constant obsession with buying and selling gear. But the vibe here is chill, and lots of cool peeps with a wicked sense of humor!!!!
Strings and another Caparison.

Gonna off my Viper; I never play it and even when I do I just wish I was playing one of the Caps.

I set the 2nd up in drop B/C standard for the dooms.

Now I need some kind of either AxeFx type thang or a SYN1 with either the IICP or Uber module.
So far it's been a busy year with the Ibanez RG, Edward's LP and the Tonex pedal.

Edt: lol, forgot the 2 monitors and a little rubber wedge to point my Kemper kabinet upward.

I fixed my Vox Bobcat today so it's almost like a new guitar. Has a trapeze tailpiece and it's been touching the body and sucking all the toanz out of it. Removed the mount and bent that bitch a bit, back in business with P90 gloriousness. Hopefully it stays this time!
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I think the last thing I bought was the Bogner mini-head. Going on a bit of a purchasing break unless I find something I really can’t resist. Pricing is f*cking crazy right now and I really don’t need anything but to focus on writing/recording.
Suhr SSH and SSV Raw Nickel for the Goldie LP - please god make it stop type systems and non-potted SD Antiquities or Seths are nearly impossible to keep from going microphonic with even AC/DC level of gain.

ToneX Pedal
Grabbed a '94 BOSS CE-5 Chorus Ensemble. Analog version.
Metro JTM45.
Zero loss loop from Metropolous for my JTM45 build.

Picking up a mint Marshall 2061 cab this Thursday afternoon.